Why did we create a Virtual Studio?

Truekrav's reputation as the best self-defence school in Cape Town has prompted an increasing number or national and international enquires, asking if we have studios in other cities.

As our studios are in Cape Town, we decided to create the Virtual Studio to provide students around the world with a window into Truekrav training sessions.

Monthly Subscription

How does the Virtual Studio work?

Truekrav Virtual Studio is divided into two sections:


This section tracks the class that Etienne teaches at the Truekrav Studio in Cape Town every Wednesday at 5pm.

  • When you sign up for the Virtual Studio you will receive access to the first lesson. 
  • Thereafter, weekly Wednesday lessons will be released to you on a weekly basis.

The Class Tracker section follows lessons over a two-year period, beginning with Lesson 1 - exactly the same instruction a new student receives at the physical studio.

You can follow the lessons wherever you are, either alone, with a training partner, or in a small group.

Lessons include:

  • A warm-up to start.
  • A demonstration of the technique that will be taught.
  • Instruction about how to execute the technique, taught in segments and drills.
  • Added conditioning and aggression drills in each segment.
  • Added revision classes added into the mix to ensure that there are no weak links in your training.


The Extra Knowledge section will provide all the members with valuable knowledge that we feel is vital to our training. This does not replace explanations given in class, but it is a section that is dedicated to the finer details and deeper explanations. The section will also be used as a reference in lessons.

Typical topics that will be covered in the extra knowledge section are: 

  • The principles
  • When to fight and when not to fight
  • What to do with the gun after disarming
  • How to perform a body-search 
  • Details of shoulder locks
  • Details of takedowns
  • When and how to hold the knife 
  • Good questions that we receive in classes
  • Faults and fixes 
  • Myths busted 

The Extra Knowledge lessons will be released as you progress with your training, and as the knowledge becomes relevant in your classes.