We have created an online platform for those who can't attend training at our facility.

Every online lesson has been meticulously planned and executed to deliver a self-defence training product that works.

We provide true combat training with a single focus: preparing you to survive a real-life attack.

The same true combat training.
The same intensity.
Your location.
Your schedule.

Prefer in-person training? Find your nearest TrueKrav Training facility via truekravtraining.com.

A taste of the level of intensity we're bringing to the online training world:

(In-Person) Corporate Workshops

Truekrav provides self-defence training for real life scenarios.

The term 'krav maga' is translated as 'contact combat', or 'close combat'. Truekrav focuses on developing skills that would provide effective unarmed self-defence against an attack by a criminal.

Workshops can be taught at our world-class facility in Cape Town, or at the client's corporate premises.

The workshops are structured in such a way that everyone who attends will receive valuable and measurable knowledge, regardless of physical ability, fitness levels or previous experience.

*Please note: Corporate Workshops are currently only available in person.


“The knowledgable and eager to teach with no ego trainers makes it so easy to learn at Truekrav. The techniques we get taught is precise and adaptable across a number of threats you may encounter on the streets creating self awareness at all times. I would highly recommend Truekrav to anyone looking to learn proper self defense.”

Faheem Slamong

If you really want to learn self defense, this school is serious about teaching you the skills. Training is tough but excellent.

Robyn Mayer

Originating from a military combat system, Truekrav will give you an edge over any attacker. The training, which is well structured and broken down into steps to make it easy for everyone to understand and master, will give you a deep inner confidence that you have what it takes to get out of difficult situations and potentially save a life. A key feature of Truekrav is the focus on principles as opposed to a variety of unrelated techniques. This enables you to be prepared for any situation and to adapt quickly to a dynamic situation. Truekrav has given me a special skillset that I trust and I am 100% willing to test these skills in a true combat situation.

Christiaan Stander