Truekrav is one of the world’s best self-defence schools, and has been operating out of Cape Town since 2012.

Our knowledge and expertise is thoroughly vetted and tested on a broad range of individuals from multiple locations across the world.

Truekrav averages 500 groups sessions per year at our facility in Cape Town and we bring that knowledge and expertise to corporates in the form of workshops.

Workshops can be taught at our world-class facility in Cape Town, or at the client's corporate premises.

The workshops are structured in such a way that everyone who attends will receive valuable and measurable knowledge, regardless of physical ability, fitness levels or previous experience.


One-hour workshop

Focusing on:

  • body-language and awareness
  • the principles of combat
  • the mentality of the attacker
  • the mentality needed to fight back
  • when to fight back and more.


Two-hour workshop

Covers all topics listed above PLUS

  • physical instruction - teaching solutions to deal with attacks
  • participants practice these practical solutions.

*Workshops can be customised according to client requirements. 


Workshops are charged at a cost-effective fixed rate, providing an affordable option to corporates and groups.

Pricing includes FREE ACCESS to the Truekrav Virtual Studio for all workshop participants for a period of one month following the workshop.

This will allow participants a valuable opportunity to learn more about self-defence and, ultimately, to live more safely.